Suits for that special occasion: To rent or buy? This is the case for buying!

The first problem with many rented suits and tuxedos is that they really look like they are rented, many being ill fitting and with outdated styles.  They also tend to be made of heavier cloth, designed to withstand as much wear and tear as possible, designed for maximum profit rather than comfort.

Rental suits can also work out quite expensive as apart from the rental cost, there are fees associated with returning the suit stained, damaged, or late.  When you consider that the rental cost can work out to be quite a considerable portion of the purchase price of a new suit, then a purpose bought suit begins to make sense.  

The main advantage of buying your wedding suit is the fact that it will fit your body type perfectly.  Following the big day or event, the fact that you have your own suit in the wardrobe is a comfort, knowing you're prepared for any formal occasion that may arise. Whether it's a wedding, the races, or a job interview, you're covered!


Our expert staff fit you in a relaxed and spacious environment, and will recommend styles and looks to suit your specific needs. A perfect fit is ensured each and every time.  

Wedding fittings are by appointment only. To book a fitting call us on 091-767689 or email



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