Swift: Plain Navy 3-Pc Suit


A classic plain navy check 3-pc suit from the Writer's Collection by Suit Republic. It's a tidy fit and very comfortable due to a little elastane that helps the fabric move when you do.

Slim fit

    Two buttoned jacket
      Notch lapel

      Double vent back

      Five buttoned waistcoat with an adjustable strap
      Plain navy lining

      Flat-front trousers

      85% poly 15% viscose
      36S Jacket/Waistcoat - 30S Trousers36S Jacket/Waistcoat - 30S Trousers
      38S Jacket/Waistcoat - 32S Trousers38S Jacket/Waistcoat - 32S Trousers
      40S Jacket/Waistcoat - 34S Trousers40S Jacket/Waistcoat - 34S Trousers
      42S Jacket/Waistcoat - 36S Trousers42S Jacket/Waistcoat - 36S Trousers
      44S Jacket/Waistcoat - 38S Trousers44S Jacket/Waistcoat - 38S Trousers
      46S Jacket/Waistcoat - 38S Trousers46S Jacket/Waistcoat - 38S Trousers
      48S Jacket/Waistcoat - 40S Trousers48S Jacket/Waistcoat - 40S Trousers
      50S Jacket/Waistcoat - 42S Trousers50S Jacket/Waistcoat - 42S Trousers
      52S Jacket/Waistcoat - 44S Trousers52S Jacket/Waistcoat - 44S Trousers
      54S Jacket/Waistcoat - 46S Trousers54S Jacket/Waistcoat - 46S Trousers
      34R Jacket/Waistcoat - 28R Trousers34R Jacket/Waistcoat - 28R Trousers
      36R Jacket/Waistcoat - 30R Trousers36R Jacket/Waistcoat - 30R Trousers
      38R Jacket/Waistcoat - 32R Trousers38R Jacket/Waistcoat - 32R Trousers
      40R Jacket/Waistcoat - 34R Trousers40R Jacket/Waistcoat - 34R Trousers
      42R Jacket/Waistcoat - 36R Trousers42R Jacket/Waistcoat - 36R Trousers
      44R Jacket/Waistcoat - 38R Trousers44R Jacket/Waistcoat - 38R Trousers
      46R Jacket/Waistcoat - 38R Trousers46R Jacket/Waistcoat - 38R Trousers
      48R Jacket/Waistcoat - 40R Trousers48R Jacket/Waistcoat - 40R Trousers
      50R Jacket/Waistcoat - 42R Trousers50R Jacket/Waistcoat - 42R Trousers
      52R Jacket/Waistcoat - 44R Trousers52R Jacket/Waistcoat - 44R Trousers
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