Seville: Charcoal Blue 3-Pc Suit


A lovely 3-pc suit made with a subtle Grenadine like material. The jacket is accompanied with a double breasted waistcoat and flat front trousers

Available in slim fit and regular fit.

34S Jacket/Waistcoat - 28S Trousers34S Jacket/Waistcoat - 28S Trousers
36S Jacket/Waistcoat - 30S Trousers36S Jacket/Waistcoat - 30S Trousers
38S Jacket/Waistcoat - 32S Trousers38S Jacket/Waistcoat - 32S Trousers
40S Jacket/Waistcoat - 34S Trousers40S Jacket/Waistcoat - 34S Trousers
42S Jacket/Waistcoat - 36S Trousers42S Jacket/Waistcoat - 36S Trousers
44S Jacket/Waistcoat - 38S Trousers44S Jacket/Waistcoat - 38S Trousers
46S Jacket/Waistcoat - 40S Trousers46S Jacket/Waistcoat - 40S Trousers
48S Jacket/Waistcoat - 40S Trousers48S Jacket/Waistcoat - 40S Trousers
50S Jacket/Waistcoat - 42S Trousers50S Jacket/Waistcoat - 42S Trousers
52S Jacket/Waistcoat - 42S Trousers52S Jacket/Waistcoat - 42S Trousers
34R Jacket/Waistcoat - 28R Trousers34R Jacket/Waistcoat - 28R Trousers
36R Jacket/Waistcoat - 30R Trousers36R Jacket/Waistcoat - 30R Trousers
38R Jacket/Waistcoat - 32R Trousers38R Jacket/Waistcoat - 32R Trousers
40R Jacket/Waistcoat - 34R Trousers40R Jacket/Waistcoat - 34R Trousers
42R Jacket/Waistcoat - 36R Trousers42R Jacket/Waistcoat - 36R Trousers
44R Jacket/Waistcoat - 38R Trousers44R Jacket/Waistcoat - 38R Trousers
46R Jacket/Waistcoat - 40R Trousers46R Jacket/Waistcoat - 40R Trousers
48R Jacket/Waistcoat - 40R Trousers 50R Jacket/Waistcoat - 42R Trousers48R Jacket/Waistcoat - 40R Trousers 50R Jacket/Waistcoat - 42R Trousers
52R Jacket/Waistcoat - 42R Trousers52R Jacket/Waistcoat - 42R Trousers
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